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Mary Ann places 2nd
in Women's Open on
ABC's Wide World of Sports 1962




Mary Ann estimating.


Fox Trot - Lift & Spin.


Tango - One-arm Death Drop


Mary Ann Quinn, the author of
Above & Beyond the Simple Life.

What They Are Saying

Congratulations on the extraordinary book! What a read! We will treasure it in our library and share with our children.
Jason Burton
Urban Planner
Orlando, Florida

You can open the book to any page and you are drawn into keep reading.
John Schnittger,
Simply Superior Painting
San Jose, CA

I can see why people wanted you to write a book. Without all of your documentation — no one could have believed it!
Lila McAlhaney
Retired R.N.
Pleasanton, CA

“What a great picture ... it shows the adventuress who lived and wrote this marvelous book. I have read it and am reading it again. There is just too much to absorb the first time around. This book is being read from Singapore to North Carolina by my friends and family and what wonderful reviews...Your life is a true inspiration to men and especially women all over the world. Especially those women who wonder if they could accomplish, that which they think is impossible.
Leona Brewer
Youngsville, N.C.

Mary Ann has lived the adventure equivalent of 100 lifetimes. "Against All Odds" is what I would have titled the book. Here are stories not just of worldwide adventures, but of personal tragedy, seemingly impossible obstacles and ultimate triumph. How can one individual pack so much living into one lifetime?
Bob Bixler
St. Francis, Kansas

It was a great treat to read your fascinating book.  The terms "extraordinary" and "remarkable" seem inadequate to describe the scope of your experiences. It is simply astonishing to consider all the challenges you have sought and conquered with such outstanding success. Thanks so much for finding time to provide such a splendid book and the inspiring example of your life.
Bob Debold
Retired Professor
Trinidad, Colorado

We all do not have the opportunity to experience life as
Mary Ann did, so I savored every part I read. What an extra-ordinary person. I am sure no one has had the life she has had. Amelia Earhart's life did not even come close to hers. I nominate her WOMAN of the CENTURY. Would love to see this book made into a movie.
Patricia Shull
Administrative Assistant
Radiological Associates
Medical Group, Inc.
San Jose, CA

Reading about your adventures was like taking a much needed holiday - I wish there were more books like this and have recommended it to all my friends. You are such a wonderful example of grace, courage and dignity.
Kelly Clarke

I hope sales are going well. If not, they don't know what they are missing.
Marge Barnard
Retired Psychologist
Healdsburg, CA

The story was so fascinating. What a remarkable and exciting life! I was taken over a whole range of emotions as I read the book. I was happy to learn of the many triumphs and angered to learn of the few near disasters. The book is so very well written and illustrated—a real source of entertainment.
Archie Jensen
Retired Engineer
Los Gatos, CA

What makes Mary Ann Quinn thoroughly astounding was much of what she has accomplished was done in the early 50's and 60's. She truly is an inspiration.
South Bay Riders Club
San Jose, CA

I used your book for a book review. It is really three books in one. They were fascinated by it. And, I loved your book and I'm so glad that you wrote this book. My favorite books I read more than once. I'll be reading yours again and again.
Virginia Bills
Retired Educator
Carmichael, CA

My neighbor was delighted with Above & Beyond given as a gift to her and could not wait to read it. But no! Her 93-year old husband (She is much younger) began to read the book and she couldn't get it away from him. She heard him chuckling and reacting with enthusiasm as he devoured the book with great delight. When her turn came she read the book with equal delight. And why not? ABOVE & BEYOND is absolutely unique in the field of true adventure stories.
Virginia Otto
North Lauderdale, Florida

You've lived several lifetimes compressed into one totally interesting lifetime! I am so glad you wrote this book. It is awesome!
Debbie Tanner
Piano Teacher/Homemaker
Carlsbad, CA

I loved your book. I truly admire your spirit and "can-do" attitude. Your testimony on your life is very inspiring and encouraging, and the book is entertaining as well. Thanks for sharing your life story via this book, may it truly inspire others to have a "can-do" attitude.
Susan Allardyce
Chief Financial Officer
Radiological Associates
Medical Group, Inc.
San Jose, CA

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