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Top: Mary Ann Quinn,
Lower: Jonathan Hillyer
Prudential Building,
Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles
Michael Mally, The Los Angeles Times, September 11, 1975.

NewYork Times

. . . Workmen  who  gathered  around  a  water  tower  on  the  roof  to  watch Mrs. Quinn’s ascent today, had no doubts about her femininity. She appeared chic, even in aluminum colored gloves and a pair of steel climbing shoes that resembled enormous magnets. It took 25 minutes for her to reach the top. Once there she went to work with a surgeon’s dispatch . . .


San Jose Mercury

For most of her adult life, Mary Ann Quinn has been making history. She never talked about it, she just went out and did it. Now at the age of 68, the Los Gatos resident is ready to sit down and write it all down . . .


LA Times

. . .“Like almost anything else, you can get used to the height,” the lady steeplejack shouted Friday as she dangled from a yardarm near the top of a 48-foot flagpole. “It’s just that people can’t get used to seeing a woman up here” . . .


San Francisco Chronicle

. . . The Mission High student glanced at the slim figure preparing to shinny up the flagpole. Then he did a fast double take and asked: “What’s a nice lady like you doing in a job like this?” Mary Ann Quinn brushed back her long wavy hair, snapped another lock on her climbing saddle and laughed. “I’m a steeplejill,” she said, “And I get this same question across the country”. . .


Client Quotes

"Mary Ann Quinn is a special lady. She has conquered her profession to the heights of perfection. She is a magnetic personality with a world of knowledge. Her story should be told on film, in a book, by the news media, and last but not least, by the lady herself. She is an inspiration to the youth of the world. Mary Ann Quinn, to me, is a modern day legend."

Raymond C. Brown
Maintenance Supervisor,
Marysville Unified School District, CA

"More interesting and fascinating than the excellent quality of your company’s services were the experiences and achievements in your life, not only in your occupation as a steeplejack, but your experiences such as a surfer on Wide World of Sports. You are an extremely fascinating person."

Walt Bailey
Business Superintendent,
Merced City Elementary School District, CA

"Her performance as a steeplejack is outstanding and something to behold. One must see her perform to appreciate her ability."

Paul T. Miller
Director of Physical Plant,
Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

In a field traditionally dominated by men, Mary Ann Quinn has demonstrated herself to be not only a match for her male counterparts; but also exceptional as a steeplejack, exhibiting a rare capability in this uncommon occupation.  For more than 15 years, Ms. Quinn has always been the "consumate professional".

Harold M. Summers
Superintendent, Buildings & Grounds
Morris County, Morristown, NJ

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