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The Adventurous Life of a
One-of-a-Kind Woman
Learn How to Truly Live
Above & Beyond the Simple Life

This is the story of a woman who defied the traditions of what little girls of her era were supposed to do and be, and ended up ahead of her time in 1947 as the first woman steeplejack (high climber) in the United States.

This is not only the story of a woman who excelled as “the” first in many accomplishments, it is a tale of survival. Fearlessness is what enabled Mary Ann Quinn to become a champion surfer and skier in the 1950s; to run her steeplejack company in defiance of the unions in the 1960s as that profession’s first state licensed female contractor; and to coax her parents through to 100 years of age with remarkable caregiving—not to mention surviving being married to Lee Quinn, which had to be a feat in itself.

Mary Ann Quinn’s life would read like fiction if it weren’t for the 221 dramatic photos in this amazing 432-page book. They document offbeat adventures like crashing her plane onto the palace grounds of a ruthless dictator who immediately placed her under house arrest.

So buckle up and prepare to soar from the heights to the depths and back again on an unforgettable ride through the life of Mary Ann Quinn. Share her inspiring journey and learn how to truly live Above & Beyond the Simple Life.

maq sailing

Mary Ann at play

Lecture agents booked the Quinns into 3,500 live stage shows nationwide to introduce others to their profession of steeplejacking, culminating in the late 1950s with guest appearances on the popular television shows What’s My Line?, To Tell The Truth, and Johnny Carson’s
Do You Trust Your Wife?


Guest speaker at Lockheed Martin
Management Association Retirees,
San Jose, California.
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